Anna Scandurra

Post-doc research fellow

anna scandurra

I graduated in Biology with honours at the University of Naples “Federico II”. For my master’s thesis, I have been studying the attachment relationship between water rescue dogs and their handlers. I have also studied the strategies for problem solving in guide dogs for the blinds and in water rescue dogs, with a specific interest in the evolution of dogs’ ability to communicate with humans. After completing my masters diploma, I completed a PhD in “Environment and natural resources”, in which I have been working on the use of bioindicators for environmental analysis. At the same time I kept working with canine behaviour at the Laboratory of Canine Ethology of the University of Naples. My main research activity at the DogP lab focuses on visual and spatial cognition in dogs, with a specific interest in sex-based differences.

Where can you find me


phone: 049 790284

in the Lab: in Piazza del Donatore di Sangue 4, Legnaro (PD), Italy


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