Cécile Guérineau


Cécile Guérineau

I obtained a diploma from the University Institute of Technology in Biology and Biochemistry in 2015, at
Quimper, France. In this period, I worked in a veterinary office at Vern sur Seiche, France, and the following
year I worked in a Neurosciences lab on Huntington disease at Québec, Canada. Then I decided to shift my
studies and focus on Ethology. I graduated in Animal & Human Behavior in 2019, at the University of
Rennes, France. As master’s internships, I worked on feeding behavior in ants at Paris in 2018, and on pig’s
cognition and brain anatomy at Saint-Gilles, France in 2019. Here, as a PhD, I am working on
hearing and sound localization protocols in pet dogs. I have a special interest in animal cognition &
perception, from little to giant species.

Where can you find me

email: cecileguerineau35@gmail.com

in the Lab: in Piazza del Donatore di Sangue 4, Legnaro (PD), Italy

My publications