Carla Jade Eatherington

Post-doc research fellow



My principle research interests lie in the field of animal behaviour, specifically selective attention. During my undergraduate degree at the University of Lincoln, my dissertation with Dr Kun Guo investigated whether dog owners viewed dog faces differently compared to non-owners using eye-tracking methodology. I undertook a masters in Psychological Research Methods at The University of Nottingham before staring my PhD with Dr Mark Haselgrove exploring the role of selective attention within associative learning. My doctoral studies focused on the learned predictiveness effect in humans (adults & children) and non-human animals (orangutan & dogs), using eye-tracking as an overt measure of attention. Currently, my doctoral research with Prof Lieta Marinelli and Dr Paolo Mongillo at the University of Padova, investigates spontaneous orientation towards biological motion displays in dogs.

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telefono: 049 790284

in Lab: in Piazza del Donatore di Sangue 4, Legnaro (PD)


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