Do Domestic Dogs (Canis lupus familiaris) Perceive Numerosity Illusions?

Miina Lõoke, Lieta Marinelli, Carla Jade Eatherington, Christian Agrillo, Paolo Mongillo, (2020) Animals. Abstract Recent studies have showed that domestic dogs are only scantly susceptible to visual illusions, suggesting that the perceptual mechanisms might be different in humans and dogs. However, to date, none of these studies have utilized illusions that are linked to quantity […]

A Short Period of Darkness after Mixing of Growing Pigs Intended for PDO Hams Production Reduces Skin Lesions

Lieta Marinelli, Paolo Mongillo, Paolo Carnier, Stefano Schiavon, Luigi Gallo, (2020) Animals. Abstract Agonistic behavior after the regrouping of unfamiliar pigs has been recognized as one of the major welfare issues for pig husbandry, as it may result in lesions, lameness, and health problems. One scarcely investigated strategy to curb agonistic behavior is reducing the […]